Sylvia T. Designs is a full-service decorative arts firm with over 20 years of experience delivering top-quality work in the New Orleans Metropolitan Area.

We have an extensive background in commercial, residential, and historical projects, both small and large-scale.


“It’s the Tricentennial of New Orleans. As always, but certainly during this very special year, Sylvia T. Designs is dedicated to honoring and perpetuating the craftsmanship and artistry that built the city. We celebrate NOLA’s history and tradition through our work on every project every day!”

~ Sylvia Thompson-Dias, Owner & Artist, Sylvia T. Designs

Sylvia T Designs – “Healing the Bones” – Historic Properties

Sylvia T Designs – “Healing the Bones” – Historic Properties

When working in historic properties, it's imperative to do things properly from the beginning. Often, you will find stopgap or "band-aid" work that may be more expedient, but prone to short-term failure, in these situations. Here, we re-pointed the brick,...

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